• Get on the road to recovery

    Get on the road to recovery

    Live independently, restore self-esteem, be a sober, self-supporting and productive member of society.

Recovery that Works

While most alcohol and drug programs deal strictly with the problem of abuse, CCS goes one step further and works with clients to deal with all aspects of their lives. Alcohol and drug addiction is a progressive and debilitating disease that negatively affects the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial well being of the person. CCS is dedicated to providing a cost-effective, gender-specific (all male), residential, job-training recovery program designed to instill sustained sobriety. Call us today to discuss how the CCS recovery program can help your loved one turn his life around.

About Us

The recovery program offered by Certified Counseling Services is long term (24 months), tightly structured and closely supervised to minimize the risk of relapse and recidivism. The program is residential and includes a work component, recovery education classes, 12-step meetings and living on a budget.

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"I have worked hand in hand with CCS employing their clients for close to a decade and I have never worked with any organization more dedicated to the needs of their clients. From my perspective the most impressive things about CCS is that they have their finger right on the pulse of each and every client’s mental, emotional and physical well being at all times."
-Jack Johnson, owner, Johnsons Commercial Flooring

"Diligence and hard work are the keystones to a successful life, and the structure of the CCS Program teaches one how to achieve success."
- Bill and Gail G. family member of a client

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Our Program:

  • Provides long term housing
  • Job development and employment with work site supervision by CCS staff
  • Supervision to prevent substance abuse or other relapse behaviors
  • Daily Recovery Education classes
  • Daily 12 step meetings
  • Instruction and implementation of personal financial management (budgeting) skills