About Us

The recovery program offered by Certified Counseling Services is long term (24 months), structured and supervised to minimize the risk of relapse and recidivism. The all male program is residential and includes a work component, recovery education classes, 12-step meetings and living on a budget. All of these components are in place to address the five areas of distress experienced by the alcoholic and drug addict: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial. By tending to those five primary areas of addiction, we help the client achieve the overall goals of living independent, restoring their self-esteem and their ability to be sober, being self-supporting, productive members of society. And, while the focus is on the individual client we do place an emphasis on helping families engage in the recovery process.

Credentialed professionals (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors) are involved with the clients throughout the various modalities of the recovery program that includes individual and group counseling, case management and education sessions. Our clients reside at one of two homes forming a community where each client is responsible for the rent, chores and adherence to the rules of the facility. There is a resident manager who presides over the residence and participates in the case management of each client.

Certified Counseling Services has developed a partnership with Johnson’s Commercial Flooring Company a local business that has agreed to train and hire our clients to install carpet, vinyl covering or tile. Clients not only learn a trade but are immediately able to become self-sufficient. This self-sufficiency addresses their immediate financial needs and the budget component that has been implemented assists them in learning how to become financially responsible for the long term.