CCS offers a long term and proven program.

Here what some of our former client have to say about CCS:

“This program taught me how to live a productive, meaningful life that I never knew was possible. Thank you for my life, it’s amazing!”

Kris D.

“Diligence and hard work are the keystones to a successful life, and the structure of the CCS Program teaches one how to achieve success.”

Bill and Gail G. family member of a client

“Before coming to CCS I couldn’t imagine life without drugs and alcohol. I was 18 years old and going nowhere fast. Through counseling and treatment for my alcoholism I have remained sober for over 7 years now.”

David W.

“CCS opened the door to a new way of living for me and my family. We walked thru, closed the door on our old lives and have been blessed ever since.”

Bruce H.

“I have always been proud to associate myself with you and believe this award (2010 Counselor of the Year Award – Kentucky Board of Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors) is more than justified.”

Thomas R. Thomas, Sr., Attorney at Law

“I have worked hand in hand with CCS employing their clients for close to a decade and I have never worked with any organization more dedicated to the needs of their clients. From my perspective the most impressive things about CCS is that they have their finger right on the pulse of each and every client’s mental, emotional and physical well being at all times.”

Jack Johnson, owner, Johnsons Commercial Flooring

“My life had literally become hopeless and I truly felt alone and I can say without hesitation today I walk on the ‘ sunny side ‘ of life.”

Jeff H.

“Certified Counseling Services helped me learn about the disease of alcoholism, my character defects, and why my behavior was inappropriate.”

Ryan H.

“I am forever grateful for the help and ongoing support my husband and I have received from CCS.”

Sherry H.

“Ron McKiernan showed me that my legal problems were the result of alcoholism and chemical dependency. Certified Counseling Services helped me to turn my life around.”

Andrew B.