Work Your Way Through Recovery

“If you want your life back, you need to work for it.”

While most alcohol and drug programs deal strictly with the problem of abuse, CCS goes one step further and works with clients to deal with all aspects of their lives. Alcohol and drug addiction is a progressive and debilitating disease that negatively affects the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial well being of the person. CCS is dedicated to providing a cost-effective, gender-specific (all male), residential, job-training recovery program designed to instill sustained sobriety.

For over twenty years, CCS has achieved a very high percentage of success by working with clients along with their families, legal and corrections professionals in developing and implementing recovery plans that address:
  • Personalized addiction program.
  • Root cause of legal problems as a viable alternative to incarceration.
Certified Counseling Services offers a complete recovery program and:
  • Provides long term housing
  • Job development and employment with work site supervision by CCS staff
  • Supervision to prevent substance abuse or other relapse behaviors
  • Daily Recovery Education classes
  • Daily 12 step meetings
  • Instruction and implementation of personal financial management (budgeting) skills

“For the program to work, you need to work the program.”

The CCS Program deals with a client’s alcoholism plus these five life problems experienced by the alcoholic and drug addict:
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

The goal is to help get the clients’ life in order and design a plan to actually live. In the process, CCS helps clients achieve the overall goal of living independently, restoring self-esteem, plus the ability to stay sober, self-supporting and productive members of society.

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors work closely with their clients through all the courses of the recovery program including individual and group counseling, case management and education sessions.

Clients live at one of two homes forming a community where each client is responsible for rent, chores and adherence to the rules of the facility. There is a resident manager who presides over the residence and participates in the case management.

CCS has developed a partnership with Johnson’s Commercial Flooring Company who hire and train clients to install carpet, vinyl covering or tile. They not only learn a trade but are immediately able to become self-sufficient. This self-sufficiency addresses immediate financial needs and the implemented budget component that assists them in learning financial responsibility for the long term.

“Our clients didn’t get sick in a day so don’t expect them to get well in a day.”